The way to your content - simple and customer-friendly


What is NFC-URL?

Bundled information for your customers, all in one place:

a URL with the most up-to-date content, which you can adapt at any time. A quick scan and your customers will easily see everything essential and interesting. 

Stay in mind and help your customers find information more easily.

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    Too much information about a property to fit within one page of paper? With your NFC-URL, you can show a more detailed exposé with more information, pictures and videos - easily accessible. Save paper and present your content in an innovative way!
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    Waking up in the morning, you just want to have a cup of coffee and suddenly the coffee machine needs to be descaled? Fortunately, you can easily view the manual via scan on your smartphone.
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    Display all important information in one place at your restaurant: the menu and list of allergens, the online form for table reservations, the overview of upcoming events and seasonal specials. Uncomplicated, customizable and hygienic.

How NFC-URL works
The key facts at a glance


NFC-URL offers you an optimized link to your content: whether by a simple scan of a NFC tag or via QR code - your customers arrive at a single, digital place where all relevant information is provided: structured, efficient, sustainable and editable by you at any time.


You can choose between different forms of redirection.

Targeting your customers, you can set up a simple redirect, avoiding tedious and error-prone typing of a hyperlink: Whether it's a link to your website, a PDF of your menu, videos on social media channels, or a form to make an appointment.

If you want to present multiple content, you can structure them in the form of tiles. It doesn't matter where exactly this content is located online and what kind of content it is.


Within our web portal you can easily setup your links, define the type of redirection and change the links if necessary. You can design your personal landing page according to your wishes, for example with your logo or graphics.


You want to know how often your customers have scanned your NFC-URLs? Check out the web portal to see the hits for different time spans.

All at a glance
The value added by NFC-URL for...


... you as a client and user of NFC-URL

  • Efficient: your content can be changed by you at any time, to suit the situation, season, or your preference
  • Sustainable: reduce printing and present more information at the same time 
  • Simple: no app necessary 
  • Independent: Inform beyond what's printed - the ideal link between print and digital 
  • Connecting: via NFC and QR - use many different ways to optimally reach your customers

… your customers and visitors

  • Informative: all necessary information available conveniently in one place
  • Fast: easy to access, without the hassle of typing links or downloading an app 
  • Special: a digital experience that will be remembered by your customers
  • Hygienic: contactless access to further information
Show your customers in an innovative way everything that is important to you!

Be creative - we will gladly give advice regarding the implementation!

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