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Innovative with NFC
Flexible at any time
Measure success
NFC from professionals

Digital advertising campaigns
with NFC-Url

Instructions per Scan
Any landing page
Create added value

In three steps
Move your advertising campaign into the digital age

1. Activate NFC-Url Tag
2. Equip advertising media
3. Tracking and evaluating campaigns

Get supported
by NFC-Url

to use NFC-Url

Innovative NFC technology
By using NFC, offline and online advertising can be combined.
Data protection
NFC-Url is data protection compliant according to DSVGO.
Retrieve statistics
Track the success of your digital campaign at any time via the portal.
Interactive Advertising
With NFC-Url you create an interactive experience for your customers.
Easy to reorder
Easily reorder your advertising marts tags for existing or new campaigns.
Change at any time
You would like to link to a new landing page? No problem!

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