of NFC-Url

Your URLs
Managed easily

Define the URL of your landing page that is to be forwarded to when the NFC tag is scanned. Your URLs are then managed using the NFC-Url Portal. You can adjust various settings there. For example, if the URL changes, you can easily adjust the changes in the portal.

NFC-Url offers you three options for forwarding:

  • Direct forwarding: When the NFC-Tag is scanned the system forwards you directly to your URL.
  • Forwarding after countdown: After a countdown has expired, your URL will be forwarded.
  • Forwarding via button: Only when you click on a button will you be redirected to your URL.

to track your success

The portal allows you to view statistics for your advertising campaigns. In addition to the number of total scans, you can also see all scans of the current and previous month. You can also track which devices are used with which operating system or via which browser your URLs were accessed.

With the help of the statistics, the behaviour of your customers can be optimally analysed and tracked. Thus you have all data on your advertising success at a glance!