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Next to the increasing use of NFC technology the amount of NFC products in combination with marketing products is also growing. Our NFC21 team deals with this topic every day and has already created a variety of products with an integrated NFC tag for using both in everyday life and in a working environment. The potentials of these products are as diverse as they are unique: depending on the type of product, the advantages are different for each application area. In other words, exactly what makes a modern marketing campaign: flexibility and diversity.

Invisible in bracelets and posters

NFC supported online interfaces can be integrated in e.g. bracelets or invitation cards. Only by holding the NFC enabled mobile phone on corresponding posters or roll-ups digital information can be shared with a target group immediately.  
Through NFC marketing products the point-of-sale gains many new possibilities and inspirations. An NFC tag can be integrated in almost every product. Common products are bracelets, key rings, posters and roll-ups, chips, business and entry / invitation cards and not least of all in other devices, like headphones and Bluetooth speakers. Such products can be used as privately and for business. The order quantities are very flexible design individually. In comparison to the price, the benefit is huge: In fact, that it can be used everywhere, a landing page can reach an end customer very fast and effective.

Print products can also be sensibly provided with NFC tags, read our article on NFC for print products.

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After a link to your desired landing page everything runs completely autonomously. Through NFC-Smart, call statistics and other information can be easily viewed. We take over the complete tracking work.
Many well-known customers like Vodafone and Telekom already cooperate with us. NFC tags can be used effectively in the B2B as well as the B2C area.

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