Marketing 4.0
Content and sharing in harmony

New generation marketing, or marketing 4.0, defines special claims on the advertiser by a broader user context and new marketing goals. Only the creating of the advertising content itself is not important, the form of presentation and distribution becomes more and more essential. The Possibilities of digital marketing must be recognized and intelligently implemented. Digitization in marketing 4.0 means above all: Use the internet of things, combine online and offline marketing, demonstrate an added value the users never want to miss again.
It is a well-known fact, that the smartphone has es very high status in online marketing strategies. However, this knowledge is not enough. Creative ways have to be constructed, which above all reach the target group "generation always-on" in a smart way. 51% of teenagers and young adults state that they are often or constantly online on their smartphones. It is important to deal in a clever way and to make digital marketing an experience without making the end user feel overwhelmed.

Clear demands on modern marketing

The spirit of the age in marketing shows: Advertising must be funny, entertainingly and catchy. Moreover, modern marketing lives from appealing visuality and a simple message. The message has to be communicated in an authentic way, taking into account their character and personal convictions. The opportunity to experience the advertising plays an important role. With experience the target group can identify and interact with the marketing campaign. This alone is an essential thing to get attention by creating innovation in modern marketing campaigns.
Of course, it is not a unique selling proposition, bur cleverly implemented, it can become one. Specifically, it can be achieved by merging online and offline environments. More specifically: NFC implementations in offline media address the need for agility and participation. Be the first and create outstanding good, agile and feelable campaign, that deserves the name Marketing 4.0 through our NFC implementation.

NFC pushes offline marketing

By using NFC tags on your marketing products, end customers can be intelligently integrated into the campaign. Offline Marketing products must not be neglected in marketing 4.0 neither. By placing NFC tags on offline products, the campaign gains in added value. It creates a good balance between offline and online marketing. The users are addressed directly by being motivated to use their smartphones in an innovative way. They become an active part of the marketing campaign.
While the campaign is running, you as an advertiser can see all the statistics in real time. So, you can decide what needs to be changed in your marketing strategy very quickly, and e.g. which “point of sale” was effective and which was not.
After a link to the desired landing page everything runs completely autonomously. With NFC Smart, call statistics and other information can be easily viewed. We take over the complete tracking work.

Would you like to learn more about NFC integration? Also in connection with print products? Then visit us at NFC Smart, we will be happy to advise you!

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