Only digitalised advertising
is advertising

It is undisputed that digitisation has a very large impact advertising. It is not without reason that more and more marketing departments of large companies are shifting their advertising budgets to digital channels, especially in the B2C sector. The advantages are wide-ranging: More control through comprehensible and more extensive statistics and compactness.
Marketing campaign must be intelligently digitised to do justice to the user behaviour. According to the „German Digitalization Consumer Report“ the Germans surf the Internet for an average of about four hours a day and 50% of all Germans are using the internet by a mobile device (only-study from ARD and ZDF). New media are not longer new, it’s long established. In the current digitization the focus is on networking and promotion of commitment. Especially in times of social media the customers expect more and more direct information. At the same time the attention budget must be intelligently recognised and divided.

Conventional sales orientation is out

Even older people inform themselves online before a purchase. The focus is on consciously or unconsciously networking. Intelligent systems analyse digital tracks and create intelligent recommendation systems. Big data provides valuable information about user behaviour. Users actively exchange information via social networks. The demands on modern marketing are multiplying: The campaign must involve the user and offer the possibility to access the most important information directly and from anywhere.
For the most part, sales impulses develop through social media, user communication und recommendations, so that the product finds the customer and not vice versa. Behavioural marketing in digitalization can be used, to adapt to user behaviour. Even the potentials of the marketing objects are changing: Offline marketing object are not even more selling objects in a conventional way. They reference to online objects, which are really essential in a successful marketing strategy and campaign. For a more detailed look at the current position of print products, please also read our article NFC for print products.

Users have the right to get all the information they need as quickly as possible at any time. It requires ways to link offline media directly with online media, an interface that can be integrated invisibly and executed super fast: NFC technology and its implementation by NFC Url make this possible and at the same time allow offline media to retain their complete visual, structural and methodological diversity.

The landing page is essential

In digital marketing, the landing page of your company and project is the centrepiece of the entire marketing campaign. It is important to refer to these in an uncomplicated and quick way. In addition, calls and other important statistics must be recognized and recorded. Use the ubiquitous internet in connection with the smartphone for this.
NFC Smart provides you with a clear overview of all statistics without you having to worry about them. It is pretty simple and you do not need to have any programming skills. All you need is a link to your landing page (or other desired internet presence), we do the rest for you. Of course it is also possible to change the linked target page later on.

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