Marketing with NFC
Offline marketing with online statistics

Today's brand new and most relevant discipline of marketing is to combine offline marketing with online marketing in a meaningful way. The focus is particulary on the smartphone as an instrument, that is permament available to connect haptical and online marketing tools. A common way to create this connection is to link to a landingpage by using QR – Codes, for example.

NFC is better than the QR Code strategy

The NFC function replaces the QR Codes slowly but surely, which were not as successful as expected in most of the cases, anyway. The reasons for the limited success of marketing campaigns, even in combination with QR Codes, can be different. In many cases the forwarding to the landing page is redundant, or simply not designed intuitively. In addition, a QR Code can be deterrent. The target audience must have a QR Code scanner, or generally know how to scan a QR Code. Furthermore, the QR Code must have a minimum size to be scanned. The QR Code alone does not reveal anything about its linked content, only with an additional hint does it make sense for the audition.
The NFC function improves both the offline and the online marketing by creating an optimal interface. NFC is considered a standard function in modern smartphones. You can find an overview of NFC smartphones on

NFC URL – NFC-Marketing without any programming

With NFC URL, you get a NFC-Tag, whose content (landingpage) you can freely determine without any programming knowledge. That means: You are getting the landingpage ready to use, after that you get the NFC-Tag from us in return. After a first connection, you do not need to care about the NFC-Tag anymore, except for placing it on your marketing campaign wisely. A further advantage is that the marketing campaign can be designed more freely, because of the invisibility of the NFC-Tag. Thus a visual place is not necessarily required. Also, our portal will collect any data and present it to you, so that won’t take your time anymore. You will get insight into the number of calls of your landingpage, information about the type of the device and the operation system.

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