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Marketing campaigns without any programming skills

Marketing 4.0 – NFC as an entry ticket

NFC is now a standard function of modern smartphones. Juniper Research reports, that by the end of 2015, there were already 740 million devices with NFC function worldwide. At the same time, this number is predicted to increase to 3,9 billion by 2020. NFC technology is used more and more in diverse every day and working environments, so it’s not just used by young adults and technology-obsessed people. The spectrum of target-group-specific options is increasing as well. The directly and intuitive way of sharing digital information opens many possibilities, especially in the point-of-sale sector in combination with end customer marketing. In our digital age and accelerated time the use of modern marketing instruments brings many benefits, e.g. a unique selling propositions, especially among young adults.

One of the biggest advantages of NFC marketing is the effortless use for almost every marketing placement. NFC-tags can be used in a flyer, a roll-up, tickets and entry tickets or a poster to share digital information very easy comfortable. Invisible and fast, indoors as well as outdoors. In our article NFC for print products we go into more detail about the advantages.

Digital marketing without any programming knowledge

No programming knowledge is required to implement our NFC Smart. After a link to a desired landing page everything runs completely autonomously. We got your back. NFC smart provides you e.g. call statistics independently, so that no time hast to be invested into programming and maintaining your statistics. It’s a full automated solution. After you created the landing page, activate your NFC Smart tags and connect it to your landing page – statistic gathering starts immediately.

To learn more about this cutting-edge marketing solution, please read our article Advertising of the latest generation.

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