Three cheers
For interaction

Advertising material works best when people actively engage with it. A Communication must be created, through direct approach, or other various interaction possibilities. Interactive advertising advertisements can increase the market preference by a factor of three, according to a study conducted by Ipsos. Interaction can be generated in my ways. In addition, the potentials are increasing in times of digitalization. In the fewest cases a face to face communication is possible, so that it is much more important to create a intelligent call to action solution that addresses the end customer emotionally and multisensory at best.

Create modern interaction

The challenge is to place and use interaction elements in a way that makes an interaction is most likely. It is important to anticipate the predominant motivation and intention of the user, as well as to consider situational circumstances. For example, it is a good idea to place an opportunity for interaction in an advertisement at a bus stop in general, taking into account that there a people waiting for the bus. But with regard to the situation, it must be weighed here how long people stay there on average, how motivated people are to engage in active interaction, or whether a rather unobtrusive interaction tends to be more successful.  
The general rule is: The call-to-action makes the action. The incentive must be suitably designed to work well in an interactive implementation. Furthermore, the interaction has to be possible to do quickly and above all to pass on the most important information. But: No interaction without at least interactors. Your marketing material can have even the most sophisticated interactive materials – if nobody have the tight tool to start the communication your campaign will fail. This is where the smartphone comes into play as a connection tool.  
To scan a QR code is one option but have some disadvantages. NFC-Url introduces you a smarter, faster and modern way of advertising communication.

Analog media become digital

People are pushing, wiping and turning around on their smartphones apparently without interruption. Modern marketing can make use of this fusion between people and smartphones, so that ever more innovative advertising possibilities are finding ever greater acceptance. This can be a great advantage especially at analogue point of sales. Because even in times of digitalisation, the advantages of offline media must not be overlooked. Above all, haptics, but also direct acoustic and olfactory stimuli, can only be realised with offline media. These potentials must be used to trigger online advertising media. For example, intelligent cliff tags can encourage the customer to scan a certain field with the smartphone, which results in a direct redirection to the desired landing page.  
These fields can be located on a variety of offline media. It is conceivable to place the NFC chip hidden on an entrance ticket, flyer, poster or similar products. Let your creativity run free here. For everyone else we take care: We help you to link your NFC tags with the desired landing page. Afterwards we provide you with call statistics, information about the type of calls and of course you can flexibly adjust the landing page. Everything is fully automatic, without any additional time expenditure for you - and above all, super convenient for the end customer.

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